Beautiful scenery while cruising on the train, what more could you want....well, my friend, you can add something. The CABOOSE! Granted it is at an extra cost but boy did it make it more enjoyable!

The train leaves from downtown Leadville and heads north for a few miles. Then it stops for a few minutes and heads back. For the standard fee of $30, you can ride in any of the cars (not engine or caboose) and they include open cars, covered cars, and covered cars with windows. You can move about the train while it is in motion. The train doesn't move fast...quite slow actually, almost too slow. The scenery is awesome.

As I mentioned earlier, for an extra $25 per person, you can add the caboose. You get the caboose all to your self and you can sit anywhere. The cool spots to sit is on top or standing on the ledge outside. The extra money is for one way and if you do it you definitely want outbound since then the caboose is 'first'. I think you can also pay extra to sit in the engine.

Overall it was fun. The only downside is the train moves really slow and doesn't go very far. Bring your camera and a jacket. The breeze can make it chilly. Staff was friendly.

Lydia Z.,